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YACHTING GROUP - accepts the following forms of payment:


Credit Card (Visa - MasterCard - Amex)

Bank Transfer


• Payments by Credit Card.

We accept all major Credit Cards:


 Circuit MasterCard

 Circuit Visa

 Circuit American Express


The details of your credit card details are managed directly by PayPal specialized in management of online payments. The information is encrypted using 128-bit encryption systems (SSL) which prevent the use by a third party and are sent directly to the bank.


By making payment by credit card you can send the goods to an address (harbor and pier) other than that of the holder’s order.


The amount is debited only at the time of accounting the card. Until that time only a booking of the amount takes place. If the card is not accounted, the amount is automatically unlocked after 25 days from the order.

We reserve the right to make a request to the bank that issued your card to verify authenticity of the ownership of the card in case of problems. This activity takes about 5 working days. At the end of it, in case of success, we will proceed with the delivery of the order.

YACHTING GROUP - reserves the right to request by fax copy of a valid document in order to speed up all the inspections.


• Payments by PayPal

The free transmission of payments via PayPal will be through support to the personal account on PayPal, for more information click here


• Payments by Bank Transfer


The reason appearing on the bank transfer must state the order number, the name and surname of the person who placed the order.


At the current state of the banking system, the transferred amount is credited to the current account of the beneficiary not earlier than 3/5 working days from the date of the execution of the same. Before making the payment, it might be better to double check with Customer Service Department if the products requested are available.

If within 8 days from the order we don’t receive any payment, the order will be deleted. When paying by bank transfer, we will ship goods only after having verifying that the amount has been transferred to our bank account.


 To make a bank transfer, please use the following coordinates:


• Bank transfer carried outside Italy


Account Number: 052222981080 intested a YACHTING GROUP di Fabio Coni



IBAN: IT83R0326884980052222981080

Banca Sella - Olbia -